Alan Roe's Story

Born and raised in the small farming town of Godley, Texas, his mother a teacher and his father a preacher, Alan Roe knew from a young age what he wanted to do when he grew up.  He wanted to be a musician, singer, and entertainer.  The whole family was very musical, all singing and playing instruments.  Alan’s older brother started teaching him how to play guitar at the age of six.  His mom and dad would take him along, with his guitar, to visit folks from the church, or to rest homes to sing and entertain.  The long trips to grandma’s house, in Ada Oklahoma, seemed shorter as all the family would sing together, their favorite gospel and country songs.  Yes, the seed had been sown, Alan knew even then what he wanted to be.


After finishing high school, Alan joined the United States Air Force.  His last year of service, he was in South Korea, where he started a band on base.  They entertained the troops and also performed at a few Korean orphanages.


After his military service, Alan attended junior college, studying music theory, sight reading, as well as taking piano.  He was ready to get his career on the road, so, he formed a band, found a booking agent and went on the road.  He toured all over the mid-west of the U. S., playing six nights a week and traveling to the next gig, which was generally a twelve to sixteen hour drive.

Once, his band played seventy two weeks straight, without a break.


Alan and his band, Phoenix, had a regional hit song in Tennessee and Alabama called “You Know Me”, a song about Elvis.  But, it wasn’t til 1998 when he signed with an independent label called, Torch Records, that he had some national success.  Alan scored three number one songs on the “Indie” charts.  His career was fixing to roll, when, Alan burned out.  Emotionally and physically he couldn’t do it any longer.  So, he and Torch Records parted way.


In the early 2000’s, however, he began playing local gigs, performing a single act, doing country and classic rock as well as an Elvis show, with the white sparkled suits, black hair and all.  In 2008 Alan was one of 20 international Elvis Tribute Artist to be invited to Memphis, Tennessee for the “Ultimate Elvis” Contest.


After taking a few years break from entertaining, Alan Roe is back.  He now has his own recording studio as well as Video production and he’s recording his own songs again.  His son, Mike, who took sound production in college is the producer of his music..  Yes, Alan Roe is back, with his first true love, which he say’s, has never let him down; his music.

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